This Congress renews the topics that were analyzed in previous editions of ReUso. The objective of this conference is to analyze the knowledge, strategies and models of intervention in the historical heritage in the international context and the conservation and valorization of architectural, urban and environmental patrimony.

The primary objective is to share the experiences related to the architectural and urban reuse, and improves in the valorization of heritage, towards a sustainable use of resources. In fact, the re-use of resources must be considered, not only a virtuous action, but also a necessary action in a period of economic recession.

Through the analysis of the current economic situation, ReUSO 2015, wants to provide assessments about the compatibility of the interventions in architectural heritage, towards a functional reuse of architecture and historical engineering connected to the real needs of the context. The Congress proposes to take in consideration the musealization of architectural and urban interventions, and analyze the fluctuation of tourist flows, in order to evaluate the flexibility of the functions in architectural heritage recovery interventions.

Reuse 2015, promotes reflections on the energy issue in the architectural and urban heritage, especially, to disseminate theoretical and practical knowledge about improving the comfort. The event wants to emphasize the importance of the compatibility of the building energy rehabilitation through an eco-efficient reuse of architectural monuments and historic districts, while respecting the cultural and material values.

The aim of the conference is, to bring together the international academic community interested in scientific divulgation and provide a space for discussion about documentation, preservation and reuse of the architectural heritage. ReUSO 2015, wants to promote an academic space to the dissemination of research results in different fields, and to diffuse teaching experiences.

This conference is bound both on the academic community and on the innovative and specialized restoration business world; ReUSO 2015, offers the possibility of sharing their point of view, knowledge, researches and projects in order to boost the recovery of the heritage sector.