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*Reduced fees until 13th April 2015

Registration rules_

  • Each communication must have a corresponding registration and each registration is entitled to one communication or poster, and the services included.


  • If the communication is presented by different authors, it’s necessary at least one registration. If some or all authors would like to participate in the conference and they would like a copy of the conference proceeding, each one participating must submit a registration form.


  • A quota of virtual communication (Video) has been reserved for all those interested in ReUSO 2015 unable to attend the event. A justification avoiding assistance is compulsory and has to be sent before June 5th, 2015 to and approved by the organizing committee in order authors can do a virtual presentation. The authors have to send (in time) a video to the secretary of ReUSO 2015. The videos will be displayed in a room set up for this purpose. The availability of this type of registration is under the decision of the organizing committee and will be made if a minimum of registrants are reached (set in 20 appearances). Likewise, the organizing committee could close the possibility to this kind of register, based on the technical needs of Congress deemed necessary.


Additional services offered_

  •  Dinner for students / unregistered conference participants: 45 €

  •  Additional Proceedings (non-refundable and the price does not include shipping): 35 €

Visits (You can choose one of the next tourist visits, only one at a time)_

  • Valencia Classical town (minimum 15 people) : 20 €

  • The Palmar (minimum 20 people) : 35 €

  • Sagunto medieval town (minimum 20 people) : 35 €

Refund policy:_

  • We will refund 60% of the registration until 15th June 2015
  • We will refund 40% of the registration until 31th July 2015



Conference registration (click here to access the registration page)